I am hard on keyboards, I’ve always been. I pound the hell out of the keys. I always get complaints for this sort of thing, usually from the owner of the computer in question. Last night I was pounding away so hard my wife heard the echoes in the kitchen and thought it was someone trying to get in the back door. She closed my door, lamenting for my poor co-workers and how they had to put up with my loud typing.

I still pound away here at work, escpecially when I’m in a heavy coding session and I’m getting my Metallica on. My attitude is this – the keyboard costs maybe $20. When/if I break it, buy a new one and dock me. Until then I’m banging the shit out of it. This is the main reason I don’t buy into the notion of “expensive” keyboards with giant humps in them or ergonomic crap or Internet hotkeys – they seem more likely to break and the extra keys just slow me down. My $15 keyboard at home works just fine and oddly enough has never broken.

However, I don’t feel sorry for my co-workers, they out-do me. You know those desks that basically consist of a table with a smaller table for the keyboard hanging down with screws on it to attach it to the desk? Well my co-worker across the room, Vito, just broke it. He stripped the screws out and everything. He wasn’t even at the desk when it happened, he was on his way out of the room when it plopped to the ground. I’m looking at it right now like it’s a relic from a war.

No, I don’t think my co-workers are terribly concerned about my typing.