Alrightythen. Seems NameZero didn’t take too kindly to my forwarding to this tripod page, so they cancelled my account. Well, not really – I can still log in, but no longer goes here, it goes to an “our member screwed up” page. They’re more than happy to sell me the right to have the URL back with no ad frame for $30 a year, which I’ll probably go ahead and fork over as soon as I can find $30 not already promised to someone else. In the meantime, will go here. I was almost paranoid that someone was going to buy before I could, but then I realized that no one ever goes there. In any event, please don’t buy it. Or if you do, forward it to here please.

No URL means no incentive to update, but now that I’ve gotten all settled into my jobby-job, I find I miss updating this page, so one way or another I’m back.

I would just love to tell you how cool bleem! for Dreamcast: Gran Turismo 2 is. I would delight in telling you how awesome my copy is. Problem is, while I have a copy of BC, I don’t have GT2. Please see the aforementioned money woes. I’m getting a copy on Wednesday, come hell or high water. Yeah, I know I could just rent it from Blockbuster and copy it, but I want to disavow myself from game piracy. Well, Non-Dreamcast piracy anyway.

What is cool about bleem!, LLC, however, is that they always respond to my email, almost like they’re not an amazingly bust company fighting like two or three Sony lawsuits. I wanted to buy BC from my local Babbage’s, since I feel a bizarre loyalty to that store (I used to work there), but they kept pushing the date back. I email bleem! and ask them what’s up with Babbage’s Etc. and they tell me that while they have the BC discs in stock, they “weren’t sure if they would make it to shelves”, so I was best off buying from Then it came out that Sony had “requested” that no one sell BC, so that’s why Babbage’s won’t carry it, and even Electronics Boutique quit carrying it for a few days. Since Babbage’s, Etc. is a big time chain, bleem! is now suing Sony. Good for them.

Anywho, more later (as always).