What’s the only thing worse than wasting CD-R’s on an emulator for the Dreamcast which won’t work? When you’re down to your last 4 or 5. So screw it, until I see someone else get it to work I’m done with burning DC emulators.

So picture this. You’re Nintendo. In the late 1980’s you single-handedly revived the dead video game industry. In 1989 your market share was 90% with your first system, the NES. With your second system the SNES, you still captured over half the 16-bit game market. Your handheld console, the Game Boy, is over 11 years old. However, in the 32/64-bit race you placed second. You’re seen as a big bully with bean counters running the show, and since your new rival Sony, is seen as neato and friendly, everyone develops for them and almost no one develops for you.

Now notice how Sony is starting to look and act the same way you did when you started losing developers. Also notice how a software giant with deep pockets is starting to eye your market .In addition, you have this neat new system that can do lots of stuff, but because you feel that bragging about undemonstrated and unrealistic system power is hurting the industry, you announce modest capabilities – which gets you a lambasting in the press. What do you do?

First, you make one hell of a showing at E3. Be sure to help LucasArts whenever and however you can, so that they can make the best Star Wars game ever, Rogue Squadron 2, and make it playable at the show.

Next, you strip the unnecessary DVD playback capabilities from your game console. The PS2 showed us how useless a console is when you can’t even feed it through your VCR. Besides, a dedicated DVD player is better anyway.

Then you announce that your console is coming three days sooner and $100 cheaper than that software giant’s system.

Finally, you remind everyone one more time that you are Nintendo and if everyone wants their Zelda, Mario and Metroid fix then you’re their man.