And if you were wondering who came first, the Dixie Chicken or the Garth Brooks egg, it turns out they all took a cue from Little Feat’s 1973 song “Dixie Chicken”. Thanks Misti. It’s kinda funny – I go and write some short novel and I’m always amazed that someone out there is actually reading it (though to be fair, I’ve met Misti in real life).

So it turns out I was kinda like those people who think that Rolling Stone magazine named itself after The Rolling Stones, or vice versa, when in truth they both stemmed their name from the Bob Dylan tune, “Like A Rolling Stone”. Of course that was something of an offshoot of “Papa was a Rolling Stone” by The Temptations, which itself was a mangling of the phrase “A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss”. Before that, there was darkness.