Right, so after a long time of talking about it and never doing it, I finally hauled off and registered Schnapple.com, so if you go there now you’ll be greeted by this exact page, sans popups. Go ahead and bookmark it. It’s still kinda up in the air as to how we’re gonna handle it in the long run – I was content to have Blogger continue on its FTP thang but the cheap web hosting service I have (read: some guy I know) is having issues in that area, so until we hammer it out Schnapple.com is simply a frame containing this Tripod page. This has the pleasant side effect of getting rid of the popups Tripod inflicts on visitors.

My Wife got a job in Plano, she starts on April 7th. This means I’m now the one holding up the show (she’ll be crashing with relatives until I can get a jobby-job). I have another tech interview in Addison on Friday, so this may be a non-issue before too long, but in any event feel free to click on anything in that little ad above and drop me a line if you want a .NET Programmer in the Dallas area.

And John Scalzi found my rant that mentioned him and let me know the following:

I should note that by the time you wrote your comment, I have in fact sold a novel — two, actually — and that they were sold specifically because I presented them on my Website. I’ve also picked up another book contract due to other writing on the Web site. Agent is still unsold, although right now it’s being looked at by an agent and I have reasonably good hopes for that. Ironically, the book I sold (to Tor, incidentally, Cory’s publisher) is military science fiction, not at all unlike Starship Troopers. Which I guess just proves my point. And aside from these books I have two other books that should be in the stores later this year (one with my byline, the other being a book to which I’ve contributed articles). I still do my consulting work, but the author/novelist part of my workload has definitely gone up.

I believe the book he’s referring to in reference to military science fiction is called Old Man’s War. Good to hear that this sort of thing can work.