OK, I meant to post again yesterday but it just didn’t happen. In any event, no Neverwinter Nights yesterday.

The Neverwinter Nights Forums have these special forums where you can only post if you have the game – it verifies this based off of your CD Key. Yesterday someone posted at about midnight – they were the first one to get the game. I think they’re in Israel, which is (I think) ahead of us, time-wise. In any event, it will be interesting to see if the thing gets to stores today. Apparently Best Buy’s policy (as per BB employees on message boards) is to put the thing out for purchase when it comes in, not to wait for any specific date. Also depending on whom you talk to the game “ships” today, meaning that it probably won’t be “in stores” until tommorow. Of course if BB puts these things out as soon as they get them then if they get the game at 4 PM then it might be on shelves at 5 PM. My Wife works until 9 PM tonight so if the game came out today I could come home and play it and not be ingoring her.

Of course I also realize that it’s not that big of a deal that it gets in stores today. This game isn’t the Second Coming like some make it out to be and its not like I haven’t salivated over games before and then largely ignored them when they came out. Still, I’m interested to see how reviews of this one pan out – I keep hitting the game sites regularly. It’s kinda like Episode II – I’m so excitied about this game my biggest fear is to read bad reviews of it, even though I realize its the gamers, not the critics, that matter. At least when a PC Game is reviewed it’s by someone like you – when a movie is reviewed it’s done by some stuffy old fart who hates it when the movie has little in common with artsy-fartsy stuff like The Remains of the Day.