Hoo boy it’s been a while since I posted here, eh? Oh well, been busy as usual – must have been since I got a promotion/raise recently. Now I’ll quit bitching about being broke so much.

In any event, I’ve preordered Neverwinter Nights at Best Buy. Yeah, I know I said I’d never shop there again. Yes, I know at one point I had “scruples” when it came to where I shopped. I believed that you bought your comic books at a comic book store, your video games at a video game store, etc. You didn’t buy all your stuff at Wal-Mart, you supported the “little guys”. Of course, since Babbage’s, the local video game store is owned by a gigantic corporation (Barnes & Noble) that’s less of an issue. Since I rarely buy comic books, I don’t know where I’d buy them if I did though I would probably head on down to the local comic shop. However the real issue is that I used to think that before I had to work for a living. Now that the money I’m spending on this I worked for myself and I have to weigh it against other factors (like food) my ideals have changed. Now I’m up for the lowest bidder. In a recent PC Gamer there was a 20% off coupon for Best Buy, so it winds up being the cheapest deal in town, despite being $5 more expensive than other places in town. Plus Best Buy had a deal where for $10 you bought a pre-order box with the Aurora toolkit on CD (beta version as it turns out), a poster and an “exclusive adventure” to download after June 20th (which will be posted to the web within minutes I’m sure).

So now I’m stoked – it’s been a while since I bought a game as soon as it came out. Of course, I don’t have anything to base it on – the game hasn’t been reviewed yet (though Gamespot has given it positive first impressions) so I’m buying it more or less based off of previews (2 years’ worth).

I think I’ll post frequently this week as to my status with the game.