So let me get this straight. I’ve been working on one COBOL bug for a week now (and I just know it’s something lame like a period out of place) and some facko out there has programmed a Lego Mindstorms robot that solves Rubik’s Cubes. Apparently he got the little cameras to discern what colors were on the cube and then feed that info into an algorithm that gets the thing solved in 40 moves or less. This is such a phonemenal achievement that it looks like Lego might buy the idea off of him. I just want my date to look like 09/10/01 instead of 20/01/10, dammit.

Looks like the V12 engine is getting a name change since no one noticed before now that the name “V12 engine” as it pertains to computer games, was taken already. How lame. They’re soliciting ideas for a new name but they seem to like SpankDog, the name of a local microbrewery (or maybe it’s the beer). No thanks – I’d rather have masturbation as far away from my game programming as possible.

In the meantime I feel like shit warmed over for some reason and I just know this aforementioned bug and the few others I tripped over will keep me here into the late hours because they’re “supposed” to be done by Tuesday night. Oh well, this project has been taking all my time for the last few weeks here at work, perhaps the next project won’t be a bullet in the head.

Oh, and apparently the webmaster of is having a bit of a problem with his staff. It stems from the fact that the webmaster is around 13 years old, and his staff is either of approximately equal age or younger, and he decided to make some demands of them, like acknowledging their existence. Now these staff members, who probably don’t even know the real names of each other or the webmaster, are rebelling for some reason , deleting the forums and hacking the site up. This morning no one could even get in. Apparently the webmaster mistakenly believed that he could expect accountability and professionalism from a bunch of unpaid, uncollected children. I like DCEmulation and all, especially the Bleemcast forum, as it’s the only one Rand Linden (lead programmer of all things Bleem!) frequents, even if most of the comments are of the “Hey! Do a Spice World pack!” or “You guys suck for not doing the 100 game pack!” variety.

Finally, the NYPD Blue streak didn’t last – I’ve forgotten to record the last three episodes. Whoops. Guess I’ll have to re-tape season five when it comes back around.