One of the Christmas presents I got was the Logitech iFeel MouseMan. Since I’m such a late adopter of optical mice, it’s cool that I’m a relatively early adopter of force feedback mice. Unlike previous efforts (effort, actually), rather than trying to emulate the force feedback found existing in some games for joysticks, it uses proprietary methods. Consequently, games must be programmed to take advantage of it. MDK 2 does it quite well, I’m told, but Soldier of Fortune disappoints. Someone tinkered with the Quake (1) source code and made it compatible, and mods for games that use .DLL’s (like Half-Life) are available as well. Additionally, it vibrates over hyperlinks and Windows items as per “schemes” (like “spongy” and “steel drum”) I’m going to have to tinker around to see what schemata I enjoy best.

I’m taping the Twilight Zone marathon on the SciFi Channel – all 42 hours of it. Always did like that show. It’ll take 7 tapes to do it, but compared to the 20 it took to get Star Trek‘s 80 episodes (like 4-5 months of dedicated nightly tapings) it’s a breeze.

I assembled a page of Quake 3 ramblings. Also, I updated my Sister’s…erm…sister site with info concerning a public singing appearance she’ll be making in January.

I’m working on a forum and a page with columns and general ramblings.

Tired now. More later. Happy new year.

Oh, and there is a God… Wayne Brady is getting his own show next year. Maybe now people will remember his name.