Okay, to update: I have graduated. I did get that much done. Also, I got SSX for the PlayStation 2. Pretty cool. I don’t think it’s gonna change the world (Metal Gear Solid 2 will do that). One of these days I’ll break down and buy a memory card.

For graduation, my wife got me a Handspring Visor, which was downright eerie, since I got her the exact same thing for Christmas. We exchanged Christmas presents yesterday (yeah, we were a little early) and she was thrilled to get hers (though she already knew what it was since it shared the same box size as the one she got me). Now I need to figure out the proper way to use the damn thing. First thing I did was to sync it with Outlook, and it filled my 2MB of memory with 800+ email messages. Looks like I’ll need to get into better email deleting habits. However, it took me no time to fire up DREADling, a freaking FPS on PalmOS! Granted, it did lock my Visor up once, but there’s three different types of reset, so no biggie. Not too practical, though. I prefer ChessGenius, though it means I’ll actually have to learn how to play Chess.

For Christmas, my wife got me The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. This one game in the one hour I got to play it, has more or less renewed my faith in Nintendo as a game developer, if not as a console manufacturer. Mask was developed by a team at Nintendo that did not have Shigeru Miyamoto in tow, and yet it completely kicks ass. My wife even got me the hard wrapped package that had the Collector’s Edition in the Gold Cartridge and the cool but headache inducing lenticular label, and the strategy guide which I will try my damndest to use sparingly. I’ll elaborate more on this game later, once I get a ways into it.

Finally, and this is the most important part of today’s posting, I have made a special sub-page of sorts. This page is to showcase the singing talents of my sister, Amy Kidd. At http://amykidd.schnapple.com/, I have a brief description and the MP3 files of a demo tape put together by my sister this past summer. She has one hell of a singing voice, so do yourself a favor and check it out.