Steam Shortcut Editor

Steam Shortcut Editor





Requires .NET 4.

Quick guide:

Games Dir: This is the directory we will be recursively searching through to find games.

Steam Dir: This is the Steam directory. Used both to edit the shortcuts file as well as exclude any executables contained within.

Load: loads an existing “games.xml” file into the grid (the first time you run the program you won’t have one)

Scan: Scans the Games Dir, excluding the Steam Dir (if it happens to be within the Games Dir). Puts results in the grid.

Send to Steam: Modifies the shortcut file to include any games/programs you set up in the grid.

Export: Saves the contents of the grid to an XML file (games.xml, will be in the same directory as the executable)

Exclude Previously Established Game Directories: Skips over any directories, when scanning, that already appear in the grid


Basic flow:

1. Load program

2. Enter in Games and Steam Dir

3. Hit “Scan”

4. Delete any executable in the list that’s not a game or something you’d want to see in Steam

5. Change the AppName for every entry you want to keep to the name you’d like to see in Steam

6. Hit “Send to Steam” to have it modify the Steam shortcut file (will need to restart Steam to see the results)

7. Hit “Export” to save the contents of the grid to an XML file


Known issues:

– GOG games which rely on DOSBOX require more work, since there’s not a single executable to run. You’ll need to craft a batch file.

– By that token, batch files don’t have an icon in Steam and despite there being a spot that would logically contain a custom icon in the shortcuts file, it seems to be ignored.

– As of this writing the ” (Non-Steam)” suffix is hardcoded

– Certain characters don’t work (such as the “ñ” in “Viva Piñata”). They appear as question marks.

Send questions, suggestions, etc. to

Thanks to USteppin on ShackNews for pointing me to the right file to edit.

At some point I’ll put the source on GitHub so if you have a feature you’re itching to incorporate you can do so.


If you’ve read all the above, realize that as of this writing I’ve never had anyone else download or run this thing ever, and still want to download the program, click here