March 22, 2013

This blog is back now.

It was gone for a while due to a combination of real life concerns getting in the way of keeping it online, an exploit in a plugin causing spam and malware issues for my friends who were hosting it, and the general disconnect that comes when running a blog on the side for fun and no profit on hosting provided for free from people who have tons of paying clients and no one else using the particular technology you need to run it.

It’s pretty understandable – neither myself or my host saw it as a huge priority so for months now the site’s been down. But a recent email from GoDaddy reminding me to renew the domain, coupled with the desire the get the hell away from GoDaddy and a recent ad I saw from 1&1 offering $1/month hosting gave me the motivation to go ahead and resurrect this thing.

Obviously this hasn’t been a priority for me, what with the last post being right before Duke Nukem Forever for fucks sake, but I’ve become re-motivated to try this again. I like WordPress, I like writing long stupid stuff, and I hate Twitter, Facebook, and whatever dumb social media thing of the day is, so I’m blogging out of spite if nothing else. I’ll work on a better post soon (I see I have three half-finished posts which won’t make much sense now) and I’ll see if I can find that new theme I had going for a while there (instead of this “Mosaic 1.0” thing I’ve fallen back to because it was the last backup I could find) but in any event, here we are.