Since my short and stupid posts tend to garner a lot of people liking them, here’s another. Moe blogs about her kid. I don’t have kids, so you get to hear about my cats.

We have two Tonkinese sister cats, Liza and Sandy. We’ve had them since about 2001 or so. They’re pretty different, personality-wise, so it makes for an interesting contrast. Liza (“my” cat) is fat and skittish, doesn’t run around a whole lot, and whines a lot more than her sister. Sandy (my “Wife’s” cat) runs around a lot, is a lot more adventurous, and (ironically) tends to like food a lot more.

Our house is two stories tall and when you get to the top of the staircase there’s this taller than waist-height “wall” (I’m sure there’s a better term for this) that runs parallel to it on the second floor, forming a bit of a “hallway” leading to our bedroom. Sandy likes to jump up and perch on the wall for various reasons: she’s a dorky creature of habit, it makes it easier for her to get close to eye level with us, and her sister won’t go up there so it’s a great way to get away from her when she’s being chased.

For some reason a few weeks ago she screwed up and went straight over the wall. She landed on her butt and went tumbling down the stairs. She seemed fine, but a day or so later we noticed she was chasing her tail. A lot. At first we just figured she was just being a dork again but then we noticed her tail was twitching a lot. We sprayed Bitter Apple on her tail but it wasn’t effective, seeing as how a couple of days later she had literally knawed off all the fur on the tip of her tail. We took her to the vet who believes it’s a pinched nerve in her butt from the fall and gave us some medicine to rub in her ear (way easier than making her take a pill).

In any event, the entire point of telling you that story was so that I could show you this – I was explaining to a coworker what happened and they weren’t getting what I was saying, so I illustrated it for them on the whiteboard.

She didn’t really go tumbleweeding down the stairs, that was just funnier to draw. She’s getting better and other than the now-subsiding biting habit she’s fine like before.

But in the meantime I’ve taken to calling her “bonetail”