I updated my PDF resume above, in case anyone cares.

I was discussing C++ with a colleague and came up with the following analogy.

Writing in VB or VB.NET is like building a house on a foundation.

Writing in C# is like pouring the foundation and then building the house on top of it.

Writing in C++ is like having to invent concrete, chopping down the trees to make 2×4’s, discovering blacksmith techniques to make nails, and inventing every single appliance from scratch, before pouring your foundation and building your house on top of it. All the while being told that in theory you could go next door and use the same building materials on your neigbor’s home only to find out that you can’t.

You also can’t go next door with VB.NET or C# but at least you don’t even have the vague premise that you can.

We’re closing on a home at the end of the month – house analogies will probably replace car analogies for a while.