Daylight Saving Time is something I never really gave a second thought to in the past. I mean, I liked getting an extra hour of sleep in the fall (especially useful in the Corps) and in the spring I usually liked being reminded how summer was coming (which meant no school) but overall I never gave it a second thought.

Then last fall the time changed and the following Monday I had to work until like 6:30 PM or something. When I went outside it was pitch dark. This, I decided, sucked. Suddenly I hated the time change. And it wasn’t like it was just sorta dark – by 6 or 6:30 it was night time, and i had a good 30-45 minute drive home.

Compare this to the summer, when it’s still daylight at 7:00 at night. And it’s not just that the time shifted – spring and summer do that. Again, these are things I didn’t really pay attention to or care when I had a job that let out at 5 PM every day and a house five minutes away.

But now it’s changed back and I like it. I don’t know what I’ll feel like once it goes back to where it was in the fall, but we’ll see.

I started Atkins today, me and my Wife. I’m sitting here next to a salad I didn’t finish and a Diet Coke I’m not sure I’ll ever learn to stand. I had a 2-carb shake and turkey bacon for breakfast. I’m consulting Nutrition Facts lists to see what I can eat. I’m staring homicidally at people holding french fries. If carbs are really the answer then I don’t know how I’ve survived this long because everything I eat has a shit-ton of them. The “Induction Phase” allows for 20 carbs a day – the Cokes I used to power down have like 39 each.

This is going to suck, but I’m trying (already) to make the best of it. All I want is for my belly to not spill over my desk at work anymore.