I promise I have lots of way-cool stuff to say and posts to make, but with my current situation (job search, Wife already working in Plano, the Damocles Sword of packing), posts will be few and far between. However, this one I couldn’t resist.

Infogrames has now officially changed its name to Atari. This is after they bought out the name/assets of Atari from Hasbro and after they used the Atari name as a label for years.

I personally think this is cool, since I like the idea of Atari living on as something other than a label on a piece of software. Of course, the main reason a lot of people like Atari is because they associate them with the memories of their console youth. I also like Atari since, they were an American console company (albeit with a Japanese name). However, the headquarters of what was called Infogrames is located in the UK.

Of course if I was really sold on this “American” idea I’d have an Xbox by now, but I think I’ll have one of those soon enough.