A couple of quick observations.

First, I was in Sam’s the other day and I saw Unreal Torunament 2003 in a large, full-sized box. This wouldn’t have given me pause, except for the fact that UT2K3 came out in the post-small box era. So apparently Sam’s has an arrangement where they get bigger boxes, which sorta makes sense – Sam’s Clubs are huge so small things are probably harder to sell. Plus they sell it in bulk, so the boxes should match. However, Sam’s is a sister chain of the Wal-Mart corporation – and Wal-Mart was of course the ones that got us the smaller boxes in the first place. How very odd – just as soon as I decide I kinda like the boxes (though not as much as I would if they were DVD cases), they go and give bigger boxes to sister chains. Baffling.

The second thing is that I’ve been informed and have noticed that the popups from Tripod have in fact not gone away. Either I was delusional or Tripod’s popup code got better. Oh well – either block popups to or from members.tripod.com until I get moved to wherever it is I’m going to. We can thank the Australian Military for this apparently.