Schnapple’s Free Music Tip of the Day: I was at an ICP site and they pointed to a website wherein you could download the new album from a group called Rehab. For some reason, despite knowing absolutely nothing about this group, I went to the site, downloaded and listened to it. Holy crap! This stuff kicks ass! It’s a very effective mix of metal/rap/southern rock/mellow. Hard to describe really.

Apparently Rehab was a group that released an album, Southern Discomfort back in 2000. The songs I downloaded constitute what would have been their second album (under the working title of Here Come The Demons) but fighting in the group (which is more of a duo), coupled with some other drama, got them dropped from their record label, Epic. On their way out they put out the songs for free in MP3 format, along with some tunes from a ditched solo effort by one of the members. The 26 songs the album consists of run over an hour and a half, so I think they just released everything finished – the final CD would have been shorter.

The same rules apply – if you don’t like metal and/or rap and the occasional swear words (though nowhere near the typical rap album) then don’t bother, but for the price it’s worth the download. Heck, if these guys pull it out and get back together I’d definitely buy this album.

Perhaps this is what the legacy of MP3 is – it lets people discover new artists, reimburse the ones that deserve it, and spells the doom of the prefab artists.

Anywho, give it a listen.