I finally saw Bowling for Columbine. Very good documentary and easily the best thing I’ve ever seen Michael Moore do. Some observations:

  1. It’s 2 hours long. To me this wasn’t a big deal but to Wendy’s friend Jason, it was pushing it.

  2. It’s not a popcorn movie. Leave the kids at home while you’re at it.

  3. It’s not an anti-gun movie. I’d elaborate but I’ll let the movie do this.

  4. There’s a sequence in the movie where they show a series of gun deaths on film in a quick montage fashion. One of the clips is of a man commiting suicide. Quick but disturbing – be warned.

  5. What’s more shocking than Marilyn Manson being one of the most intelligent, coherent people in the film? The fact that Matt Stone (South Park) is even more coherent and intelligent.

  6. During the sequence in the film showing the footage of the Columbine killers in the school, I could feel my heartbeat in my ears. No one gets killed in the shots but its powerful.

  7. Whatever your opinion of Charleton Heston is prior to seeing this film, it will be lowered after it’s over.

  8. Most interesting was the reactions of the theater. People pretty much laughed and didn’t laugh at the same points.

  9. I’m completely right for relying on The Daily Show for my news.

Anywho, those are my thoughts. Go see it, if you can.