This late night post is to appease the blue haired Update Nazi. I had a good post in mind but I can’t remember it right now, so I’ll just post this and go to bed.

Apparently the General Mills company has made a deal with Jim Henson Entertainment to include some DVD’s in with some of their cereals. Honey Nut Cheerios is one, Cinnamon Toast Crunch is another. There are four titles – one disc has 2 episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures, another has the DVD-ROM game The Bear In The Big Blue House (which says something if your PC is lagging behind your cereal box). One of the discs is the 1997 Rene Russo movie Buddy, whose protagonist is an eccentric woman who keeps a gorilla in her house (for some reason this is the one DVD whose characters aren’t pictured on the box).

But one of the movies is 1987’s The Muppets Take Manhattan. I had to pick this one up. It was worth it to have Joan Rivers say “Don’t push it, pig!” on DVD.

The same “free movie on DVD” rules apply – full screen, no extras, no additional audio tracks (though in these cases the “real McCoy” on DVD is either just as spotty or nonexistent), and these even force you to watch an AOL commercial at the beginning (the AOL software is also on the DVD). But hey, it’s still a great deal.

Early on in a format, it’s held in some holy regard to where no one thinks of putting anything trite on it. Then it becomes more and more accessible, then it becomes trivial. It used to be that something that made its way to VHS or CD was important, nowadays anything can get on those formats. Heck, nowadays anything on VHS only is considered cheap.

DVD is now entering the more accessible phase, and is hitting it quicker than anyone expected. Recordable DVD players are on television commercials now – CD’s took much longer to reach that point. Someday DVD will be so trivial that we’ll wonder how it ever moved cereal boxes to begin with.

I picked up Buddy as well. Might as well, right?

Dress to Kill hits DVD next week. Cake or death?