After spending a weekend with some sick in-laws the inevitable has happened – I’m starting to feel sick. Last night as I was headed to bed I started to feel that sinus drainage pressure crap that is always a precursor to this sort of thing. So, to combat it, I took some NyQuil (or rather the Albertson’s generic equivalent). This morning I felt like utter crap but, seeing as how I’m already taking a few days off this week I decided to go ahead and try to go to work. Right before I left I took the day pills from Comtrex and some DayQuil (generic again). I’ve also been sucking on Halls Defense all day. Seeing as how the drugs appear to be helping and the NyQuil never completely wore off, I’m somewhere between “stewed” and “stoned” right now.

Last night I fixed some ViaTexas code that I wrote at the end of a long day, so when I looked at it I thought, “what was I thinking when I wrote this?”. I wonder if anything I do today I’ll look back upon as “I wonder how drugged I was when I wrote that?”