A few months back Microsoft announced that they were refocusing (or focusing in the first place) on fixing their existing software – or more specifically, making their software more secure. For an entire month Programmers were not to write a line of new code (i.e. all project growth halted) and instead focus on fixing existing bugs and security holes.

The immediate result of this were patches to existing software. In fact, Microsoft has released some 57 patches this year, most of which are security related.

Of course, every week someone comes out with a new bug they discovered in Microsoft software. And the pundits proclaim “so much for that ‘better software’ initiative! We found another one!”. And sometimes it takes Microsoft a while to fix them.

But am I the only one who thinks is a good thing Microsoft is fixing all the bugs in its software? It could ignore them or not fix them.

Simply put, 95% of the world runs Windows, and at least 70% of the professional world does as well. It’s a good thing Microsoft is fixing these bugs.

Of course I know what the pundits want – they want people to leave Windows for (Linux/Mac/Platform X) because who knows how many bugs we’re sitting on right now. I guess MS can’t win right now…