First, I apologize for neglecting all of you. Both my job and my side business are getting pretty thick. I promise to come back again soon.

Second, for those of you who hate the popups from my page (and are running Windows 2000 or XP with IE), go get NoPopIE. Tell it to suppress popups from “” and you’re golden.

Third, let me reitrerate that the single most useful thing on the Internet right now is the Google Toolbar, hands down. They’ve even gone so far as to implement it on all the lab PC’s here at A&M recently.

Finally, if you got your Google Toolbar a while back check out the options again (this link might work for you lazy types) because, if you didn’t know, the options change every once in a while. And for both new and old Toolbar users, hit up the Experimental Features page – you can now condense all the search options into one pull-down button, maneuver through search results and suppress the popup windows that occur when you leave a site.

Way cool.