The Upgrade Chronicles, Part 3.

Granted, there’s not much more to tell at this point. I got home, rested, ate, watched West Wing, and then reassembled my PC. Not sure if I got all those sound card connections right but no biggie. Also, I noticed back when I upgraded to XP the hard drive light was on all the time, regardless of if the hard drive was being used. It does that now, too, so either I have it screwed up or it’s business as usual. I carefully removed the Pentium III sticker from my case and replaced it with the Athlon XP sticker. I placed the Pentium III sticker on the little sticker dealie the Athlon XP one came on and placed it in the box I stored my PIII/mobo/old RAM in. I plan on making a second server system with them at some point. Or not. Not sure. This will require a second case and hard drive and I’ll want the sticker for that. Of course it stands to reason that the new case will be cooler than the one I have my Athlon XP in now so either I’ll have the slow system with the good case and vice versa or else I’ll switch them out and have another sticker crisis. Yes I’m a dork. The Pentium III sticker was metallic and sustained some damage when I took it off. It was on crooked and that’s bugged me for three years now. Yes, I am this crazy. The Athlon XP sticker is a simple sticker so I’m not sure it could survive a transplant. I wonder if it’s possible to get these stickers outside of a CPU purchase, since the companies probably want to prevent people from slapping an old Pentium into a case and placing a Pentium IV sticker on it. I also placed the metallic “Powered by ASUS” sticker on my system for some reason. It’s fine, but it looks like it was designed in the 1950’s.

After re-qualifying in America’s Army, I played Neverwinter Nights for a very long time simply because I lost track of time (and because the game plays so well now) and so did Wendy (as she often does when reading a book).

My cat Liza was sitting in my chair the whole time. Funny thing was, when I was down on the floor with a flashlight behind the system making all those connections she came down there to watch. And now she’s taken to laying down on my desk when I’m programming. I’ve actually found it makes me more focused to occasionally pet her when she does this. Of course, I also have to because if she lays there and I ignore it long enough she’ll sit right in front of the screen and stare at it and me back and forth. This will be right before she decides to see if she can get the mouse cursor. Early on she figured out that the cursor is behind glass and she can’t get to it so now when it’s close to an edge of the screen she’ll slap under or on the side of the monitor, like she’s trying to reach around. On the one hand she’s smart since she knows slapping at the screen won’t work, but on the other hand she never figures out that the other method won’t work either.

But I guess I’m lucky not only to have a cat that like me but has the same interests as well. Now if she would just stop with the sadistic biting…