I guess it kinda looks like I started playing Neverwinter Nights and never came back. Not exactly, but NWN is a damn fine game. Sure, it’s an American RPG based off of Pen & Paper rules so if you prefer the Japanese styles of RPG (realtime like Zelda or turn-based like Final Fantasy) then stay away but for others, go for it.

Since my system is aging (mostly in the CPU department) I’m always scared that “game X” that I just bought won’t run on it. I attacked NWN with a lot of trepidation. When I came home with it I fired it up right away. My Wife thought I was being a bit obsessive but really I just wanted to know right away how/if it ran. It selected by default the lowest resolution tileset and a modest amount of graphic detail. I played around for a bit and just for the hell of it I cranked up all the details – it drops some frames but it looks awesome, so yay system – that GeForce3/XP combo really does the trick. Of course I’m still not too far into the single player game since I keep running against the “oh shit I’m dead” problems which irked me about Baldur’s Gate (from the same developer).

I haven’t tried multiplayer simply because when I looked there weren’t any custom modules yet so people were playing through the included campaign online – I figured it would just give me spoilers, so I decided to finish at least Chapter 1 before venturing online – but that hasn’t happened yet. Actually the one time I thought of going online the Master Server was down, so no go.

Anywho, I just thought I’d check in again. I’ve got more to post on including the two (!) new (old) games I got today, the used game buying experience, patches, and fanatical communities.

Oh and Odd Todd, just because your cat is scared of new people doesn’t make her a lemon.