Something odd I’ve noticed: The latest Internet Explorer revision (6.something) has a feature called “Error Reporting”. Basically every once in a while something crashes IE and this notice comes up telling you that something bad has happened, IE has to be closed and restarted, and everything you were doing is now screwed. However, you can have Error Reporting send the info to MS as to what happened and why and they can add it to their database of “shit that’s wrong with IE” and get around to fixing it.

Naturally my jaded geek ethic originally would tell this program to not send any info to Microsoft – they know too much already. But when my Wife started going ahead and sending the info along (figuring that helping MS unfuck its own software was a Good Thing) I started going ahead and sending the info as well.

However, I’m noticing Error Reporting coming up a lot. I don’t remember IE crashing this much before. XP has it built into everything – lots of program crashes cause it to come up. Is it that IE6 is the least stable of the IE line, or is it that the error trapping is a little too much? Or am I being too nice in remembering how unstable IE was?