Last year for Valentine’s I figured it would be just fine to buy the flowers on my way home. Suffice it to say it was a Charley Foxtrot at the Albertson’s when I went, with everyone and their dog getting flowers. And by everyone, I mean idiot men like me. All the good arrangements were taken. I was left to come up with an arrangement of the miscellaneous flowers left. I started picking up any flowers that looked like Wendy’s Wedding Bouquet. I had to pay more since they were assorted, but Wendy liked them, so it was all good.

This year I decided to forgo that debacle and buy an arrangement in advance. Of course, flowers are supposed to be kept in a fridge, but if I did that at home she’d find them, so I decided to buy them a day in advance and keep them in a fridge at work. I ran out and got them over my lunch break Wednesday and put them in the fridge, along with a note to the guys working stating “Don’t worry, they’ll be gone Friday”. Thursday 5:00 rolled around and I went to the fridge to discover they were frozen. Shit!

So I took them down to my car and tried to take off some of the ice chunks (which took some flowers with them) and figured my best bet was to turn on the car’s heater and turn all the vents towards the bouquet, full blast. I don’t know about where you are but here in College Station, it was turning into a hot day anyway, so here I am hanging my head out the window like a dog while my car turns into a sauna. To make things worse, there’s so much construction on the A&M campus I had to take a long damn route to Chili’s, where I was picking up our romantic dinner of hamburgers.

By the time I got home most of the incidental ice had thawed, so I quickly threw the tablechloth on the dinner table, pulled out the placemats and two napkins, and lit every candle I could find with the aim-n-flame.

Everything else went fine. Wendy loved the Kiss Kiss bears (the ones with the magnet lips) and the Practical Magic DVD I got her, and the flowers turned out fine (minus a few casualties).

Coming soon from A&M: designer cat clones!

Oh and a new DreamSNES was released, and this time it’s hella fast! Life is good.