I know I’m not really the right generation/mindset for Pink Floyd but I’m listening to them nonetheless. I’ve always enjoyed their album The Dark Side of the Moon but that’s the only real album I’ve ever heard of theirs (I had always heard that that album and the follow-up Wish You Were Here were the only good albums they ever did – the rest were mostly crap). So now I’m listening to Echoes, the latest in the long line of greatest hits cash-ins that flow from the record industry (considering that the Eagles’ Greatest Hits is the best selling album of all time, this is a no-brainer) and I’m listening to this song on it called “Echoes” – it’s seventeen minutes long. It’s like four minutes of song, ten minutes of bizarre conceptual acid trip, and three more minutes of song. They literally just pick the song back up as if it was a freaking guitar solo. Unbelievable. Only Pink Floyd could get away with that.