I don’t think I’ve ever had a Jolly Rancher Anything that I’ve had an easy time getting the stupid wrapper off. Whatever Jolly Rancher products are made out of – be they the suckers or the little rectangular bricks or, in this case, the little square ones, it’s always one bitch of a time getting the stupid wrapper off – it’s completely stuck to the thing. Most of the time you just have to accept that you’re eating like 1-5% of the wrapper, since that makes for a more appealing move than having that crap all over your fingers (and therefore everything you touch) for the rest of the day. I wonder how many pounds of Jplly Rancher wrappers Americans pass through their system every year, since you know that crap doesn’t digest.

Slighly related – there’s nothing funnier than a cat with tinsel hanging out of their butt since that crap passes right through as well.