Picture this – you’re a horror writer. You write about all kinds of crap, the end of the world, a cemetery that revives pets (and people) and killer clowns in sewers. And cars. You keep writing about cars with demonic souls that run people over. Then one night you’re out walking and you go off the side of the road to avoid an oncoming car and *BAM* it hits you. While you’re in shock near death are you thinking – maybe I shouldn’t have pissed off the cars?

Well if you’re Stephen King you turn right back around and write about people getting hit by cars. It didn’t hit me until I finished Dreamcatcher that one of the main characters gets hit and nearly killed by a car. In fact died and got revived. His next book, From A Buick 8 is about – you guessed it – a killer car (caged in a barn, no less). Oh well, I guess it’s better than burying your demons.

Hopefully my Bleemcast discs will roll into the mail today – not that it means much – I don’t have the games yet.

Oh, and I acquired the new Michael Jackson album Invincible, though I haven’t listened to it. I have something of a morbid curiosity as to what it will sound like and what a $30 million dollar album sounds like. I’d almost like MJ to make a “real” comeback, since his last comeback, 1996’s HIStory was more of an angry “I didn’t touch no kids” rant than a comeback. Note to MJ: quit being pretentious. Talk to people. Be on TRL. Do a Behind the Music. Let people Interview you who are not named Oprah or Sawyer. Come up with some good joke comebacks to child molester jokes. Don’t show up in public looking like a freak and put on some dark makeup.