Oh, and I nearly forgot, the bad news is that the Nintendo GameCube has been pushed back to November 18th, almost two weeks later than their November 5th original date. The good news (I suppose) is that IBM, who is making the chips in it, is getting their logo on it. The weird part is that yesterday at Spaceworld pre-show conference (Spaceworld: Nintendo’s own personal annual convention) they unveiled new footage of Mario Sunshine (tenative title) and the next Zelda game (which doesn’t even have a tenative title). The Mario game looked pretty standard, but the Zelda game went for a cell shaded anime feel. You’ll have to look at it here to see what I’m talking about. On the one hand, I love Zelda and I believe Miyamoto can do no wrong. On the other hand, a Zelda cartoon? I don’t know. Obviously this, like with the Attack of the Clones titled film, is something I am going to have to wait until all the cards are in on, but my initial reaction was not good on seeing this footage. I was halfway convincing myself it was allright footage until someone pointed out how close it is to the Powderpuff Girls. Must… go… play… Majora’s Mask.