You know that 5 billion dollar lawsuit that the parents of the Columbine victims have filed against 25 video game companies? It looks like Eidos has been dropped from the lawsuit. Apparently – get this – the way they decided who to sue was that they went through the belongings of the killers and anything attached to anything they owned got sued. Eidos got sued because they found the box for the PC port of Final Fantasy and so Eidos makes the list. Of course, Eidos didn’t make the game – they just ported and published it – Square (of Japan) developed the game. However they decided that since Final Fantasy didn’t have any guns in it they’re cool. Guess it’s lucky that there weren’t any Tomb Raider games in their room. How about this – be glad your kids weren’t software pirates. Oooh – there’s a good question: if they only found pirated games would they even be able to sue? “Your game set my kid off – I’m suing you!” “Your kid stole our game – we’re suing you!” Even if those two hadn’t killed themselves the game companies would still get sued – those kids don’t have that kind of money.