The luster is starting to fade from Windows XP. Previously, I thought that Quake 3 was fine and Elite Force was the screwed up one. However, I have since discovered that Quake 3 looks weird as well. Not unplayble, just kinda annoying. A set of drivers I can get at makes OpenGL work, but breaks Direct3D support, meaning I would have to roll back and forth between drivers for different games. This isn’t so bad, per se, but now I don’t even really have proof that Direct3D even works. Just on a whim I started up Black & White this morning and while it ran fine – 3D world looked perfect and everything – but the text looked all screwed up. I had to keep guessing as to whether or not I was quitting the game or deleting my hard drive.

OK, so at least I can burn a CD, right? Wrong. Despite the fact that Nero has worked just fine up until this point in XP this morning it was no go. No ASPI layer. Well fookin a – it was there before. I’m sure I can get it to work – I’ve found info on some people with the same problems – but it’s a pain. Still, I know it’s my own fault for getting into this. The hell of it is that thanks to my taking off tonight to go to Dallas for QuakeCon this weekend I won’t even be able to muck with it. If I can get things working – one way or another – I’ll keep XP, otherwise it gets the heave-ho.

I revamped the linky linky at the top of the page. My sister, Amy Kidd, now has her own .com, interestingly enough. Click and try her Christian Singing Dealie. Oh, and the Duck link yesterday was to my (possibly aforementioned) cousin-in-law Moe’s page What She Said. Since she’s been so nice as to give me a permanent link, I figured it was appropriate to affiliate her site as well.

So, off to QuakeCon. Bummer that I can’t bring my PC. However, so long as I get to see Carmack’s press conference tommorow all will be good. Now I need to find directions to the darn thing. Who knows, perhaps my father-in-law will let me blog from his system.