All is fine and peachy in Windows XP ladyland, but alas this morning all was not well with the force. I ran Elite Force last night and it ran – but there were some minor graphical glitches. I tried several things to no avail, but since the glitches were minor there’s no big deal. However, Tribes 2 won’t run – gives me an “unhandled exception” error. Well, more specifically the beta demo of Tribes 2 won’t run. I’ve researched this on forums and yup, WinXP (more specifically the video card drivers and their lack of WinXP support) have issues with Tribes 2. This isn’t really a big deal – I don’t own the “real” Tribes 2 and I’m sure WinXP is on their “to do” list somewhere. However, I am planning on purchasing the V12 engine from GarageGames, and it’s based on the Tribes 2 engine. As much as I like WinXP so far, if a compiled V12 app/game won’t run on it, it gets the heave-ho. I wonder if I can dual-boot Win98 and WinXP? I’ve heard it’s possible to do this with WinME, so I hope so. Better question – the WinXP RC1 I have is a 180 day beta copy. That means early in 2002 I either buy XP or to the reformat thang. However, while I perfectly realize that if I uninstall and reinstall WinXP those 180 days in all likelihood don’t start over, I wonder if it’s smart enough to say “well you went back to Win98 for a month, so you only get five months of WinXP overall.”? Intriguing.

Although I haven’t mucked with it too much yet I found this this morning to try and give support to WinXP Voodoo3 users. If you find yourself afflicted by a dead video card manufacturer (as I do) check them out.

Anywho, QuakeCon in two days. Also, M R DUCKS.