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Power Sessions with Wendy Kidd

With over a decade of experience, Wendy Kidd is a leader in the wedding and events industry.  She loves education and is often seen at educational events online and offline, from webinars on the latest pricing strategy to national conferences each year to collaborating with other entrepreneurs on the next step forward.  She's always searching for information that helps her and her entrepreneur community.  Her experience as a venue manager and as a Certified Master Wedding Planner means she has a unique understanding and perception of most businesses in the events industry.  With all that said, Wendy wants to share her knowledge with YOU! Wendy offers Power Sessions, meetings through which she can help event industry business owners with many topics and tasks, such as:

  • Website Reviews 
  • Workflow and Productivity Review
  • Consulting on Packages and Pricing (for the DFW market)
  • Sales Presentation Review and Training
  • Market Research

Wendy is available to discuss what challenges you are facing and give you suggestions or an action plan to overcome those challenges and reach your goals. These sessions can be of any length, dependent on the challenges being addressed. If you are interested in any of these services, please contact us for more information.

Recently after a website review, we received this comment:

Wendy is one of the best in this industry, so when I needed some help with my website she is the first person I went to.   She gave me insight into things I hadn’t even thought of that took my website to another level!  She is professional and efficient and has an incredible eye for details!

Workshops/Speaking Engagements

Wendy enjoys educating others through speaking at universities, local networking groups and at workshops designed for a specific purpose.

Topics she's currently speaking on:

  • Pricing for Services - how to figure out what you should be charging and when it should change
  • Working Well with Others - how to work well with your vendor team, develop and maintain relationships for referrals, and finding the best team for you
  • Productivity - apps and software to help you get things done and up your business game or setting your priorities and aligning your day to accomplish the goals that mean something
  • Sales - crafting your customer experience carefully to make more sales and creating upsells that work
  • Becoming a Wedding Planner - how did she get here, what path you should take and what to expect in this crazy career of planning weddings
If you are interested in Wendy speaking at your event, please contact us at hello@eachandeverydetail.com.