Have you ever met someone and it's a great conversation right from the start, and you feel like they just "get" you? Well, that's what we want with YOU! Your wedding planner should understand you and the ideas you have for your wedding, since, let's face it, you'll be working closely with them on a very special and important day!

To figure out if we're the perfect fit, here are some facts to start with:

  1. It's important to us that you are getting the wedding that's perfect for YOU. This means we don't have a set idea of what your wedding should look or feel like just because it's what everyone else has done, wants or is in the media. We love new and different and classic has its place too. It all depends on what you want for you and your guests, so we dig into the details with you to figure it all out and come up with what works based on all the things you tell us (and don't tell us).
  2. We're all about the details. Seriously, it's in our name. We're not talking just about pretty centerpieces and what color napkins, but timelines, vendor communication and delivery, and planning logistics from start to finish. It's about who is on your event team and can they make your vision happen. It's about the flow of the day, the emotions that are tied into it and how we can make all of it work together. We're here to make sure each and every detail is given the attention it deserves, so no stone goes unturned and no balls are dropped in the juggling that is wedding planning.
  3. Fun should also be in our name. We always say if we're not having fun, we're not doing it right. We want you to have fun with planning your event! We want you to enjoy the experience from the early stages of planning through to the wedding day, savoring every moment of your special day. It should not only be a beautiful event, but one you look back on with joy!
  4. Budgets are an important detail, whether big, medium or small. We always want to be realistic and we'll tell you up front if something is in your budget or not. Flexibility in budgets is a thing and if that's how you roll, we can do it, but keep in mind we'll be honest and to the point when we think something won't work and something has to give. You're in charge in how much is spent, so know that you make the final decision on keeping to the budget or letting it grow. We talk about budgets at the beginning, when you first meet us, because we don't want to walk down a path that results in tears and frustrations from inaccurate expectations. (We're supposed to be having fun after all!)
  5. With all the different design styles and trends out there, options abound in what your wedding can look like! We love playing with those options, so you'll find that when looking at our weddings, we do not have one particular style we stick to. We want the wedding to reflect you, not us, so know that we are kind of design chameleons when it comes to playing with the pretty. We'll collaborate together on what you are attracted to should you choose for us to design your wedding, pulling together a cohesive look with the style you love!
With all that said, we aren't the right planner for everyone. We love clients that collaborate with us, tell us their hopes and dreams and overall sees their team members as just that… on their team. We are all in it to win it and make sure all those details happen, going to great lengths sometimes to make sure it's all perfect. However, sometimes, life just doesn't work like that and something goes awry. We work better with those that can roll with the punches versus those that get blown out of the water when something unplanned happens. We hear you and know that we are going to do everything to make it work, but sometimes things happen that we can't control and we want you to be able to still enjoy your day instead of staying focused on changes that should arise. Another detail to know is we work well with clients that are honest with us, their family and themselves. If you need to hide or deceive someone about plans or budget (unless it's a happy surprise), we probably aren't the best fit for you.
We don't know if it's true or not, but we once heard a story that helps answer this question. The story goes that Picasso was sitting in a Paris café when an admirer approached and asked if he would do a quick sketch on a paper napkin. Picasso politely agreed, swiftly executed the work, and handed back the napkin - but not before asking for a rather significant amount of money. The admirer was shocked: "How can you ask for so much? It took you a minute to draw this!" "No", Picasso replied, "It took me 40 years"

If you've never hired someone for a service before, it can be hard to comprehend the value of time, experience, education and creativity. A wedding planner's fee reflects these variables, so if someone has less experience and education, their fee will probably be less than someone who has more experience and education. Other factors that might affect pricing are things like if they are a full time or part time business, if they are small or have a larger team, how many events they take on, the level of service they offer, etc. The list goes on and on. All of this to say, it all depends. If you take these variables into account, you might not consider a planner expensive. If you are thinking they only work on wedding day and these variables mean nothing, you might think they are.

We feel like you should see the value behind the price, no matter who you hire or what level of service you choose. That's why we offer a complimentary consultation, so you can get to know us and determine our value to your wedding or event.
The earlier the better! Hiring us earlier in the process allows you to take better advantage of us as a resource, regardless of the service level you choose. Plus, the earlier you begin the planning process, the more options you have. We recommend beginning your planning process 12-15 months out from the wedding date, but we've certainly worked with less time. Many of our clients, especially those looking for wedding day management, typically hire us 6-9 months out. Of course, the other factor is what your wedding date is. Be aware the two busiest months in Texas are June and October, so those weekends book very quickly!
Absolutely!  We work with couples all the time that are not local to their wedding venue.  We're happy to help plan via Skype, phone or even planning around your travel schedule.  Please talk to us about this in your initial consultation so we can come up with the best strategy to suit your needs.
When someone offers you planning or coordination services, you need to get specific with them to find out exactly what they are offering and how that works with the other services you are hiring them for.  For example, if they are a venue coordinator, they may have the same training as a planner, but they may not actually run your rehearsal or ceremony, just give you advice during your venue planning meetings.  A DJ might have a coordinator on staff to help execute your plans, but are they helping you actually plan your agenda for the entire day or just the flow of your reception?  We are always happy to help answer this question, so please don't hesitate to let us know what you are comparing our services to and we'll be happy to break it down with you.  Just a note, when looking at the education of a planner (or someone offering planning services), some reputable certification courses are provided by American Association of Certified Wedding Planners and the Association of Bridal Consultants.
When you contract with Each & Every Detail, you will know who your lead wedding planner is. They will be with you throughout your planning process and on your wedding day. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your planner and would never switch your planner unless an emergency required it. Also, the assistant wedding planner on your wedding day may be another full service planner in our group or one of our trained assistant wedding planners. They will always be a professional, not just untrained staff or an intern.
With each wedding a unique combination of budget, style, number of guests, venue choices and numerous other details, we have found we constantly need to adjust our rates to reflect the true value for each client. We prefer to meet with you, get all the details and give you a custom quote based on the service level you prefer, any changes needed for your wedding and the planner you select to work with. We know that you prefer to know the price “up front” but we don’t want to mislead you with a “starting at” price only to have you surprised by a quote when we sit down to meet. When you contact us, we’ll send you a short list of questions that will help us determine which planner would fit you best and give us a few details about your wedding. At that time we can give you more of a price range if you’d prefer to find out before setting an appointment. Just let us know when we contact you and we’d be happy to discuss it.  Go here to get started.
Yes! We love to provide tips and advice to all engaged couples. We know we can't work for everyone, but we want everyone to enjoy the planning process. We publish these tips on our blog, Facebook, Pinterest and we also occasionally offer free info sessions. Please follow us through the social media channel of your choice to catch what might interest you.